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About Us 

Little Light:
A non-profit organization operating in Namuwongo Slum, within the capital city of Uganda- Kampala. We provide vital services and give access to proper education, health services, economical empowerment and psycho-social support.
"Little Light" operates a number of projects for the community of Namuwongo, including a preschool, youth group, and women empowerment group.

For more information about "Little Light": Little Light website


Women's group:
The Women's Empowerment Group makes a living by crafting African jewelry - each piece is delicately handcrafted, unique, colorful and environmentally friendly.
The "Little Light Children's Center" organization purchases the jewelry from the women at a fair price, giving them a livelihood.
With the profits generated from the sale of these products in Israel and around the world, the organization remains alive and continues to serve the Namuwongo community.

Jewelry creation process:
The women start by making the beads that will become the base of the jewelry.

To create the beads, the women cut old papers or newspapers into strips, then roll the strips into different sizes and shapes of beads. Once that has been done, they soak the beads in lacquer several times to harden and make the beads liquid-resistant.

A unique and colorful jewelry is then made from the beads.

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