Little Angels - Meet the people who support the Namuwongo slum community

Little Light Uganda

Is actually the warm home and meeting place of the Umoja women's group, but not only- LL meant to empower underprivileged communities from Namuwongo Slum in Kampala, Uganda and operates several programs, such as: education, sponsorship, health, youth group and women's empowerment group among others.

But who are the people who volunteer to support this amazing african community? Today we will get to know some of them.

Meet Anael and Elisheva who volunteered right up until the outbreak of the COVID-19. Despite the extreme situation they found themselves in, they decided to remain physically in Uganda until they were forced to return when a full lock down was announced in Uganda.

Thank you for your dedication and all the good that you have brought with you into Little Light.

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Shiraz Arieli - Head of Volunteer Department

"My name is Shiraz, I’m 28 years old from Israel and I am the 

Head of Volunteer Department at Little Light Uganda.

I first arrived to Uganda 3 years ago as a volunteer.
I ended up spending six months working at Little Light being in charge of several projects for the local community.
The time spent at Little Light taught me so much more than I could have ever expected and reinforced my desire to continue working and growing in the fields of social and international development.
While continuing to other voluntary projects around the world I chose to also accept the offer to continue volunteering with Little Light Uganda, as a Human resource manager at first.
Today, three years later, I have made Africa and Uganda my home and I continue working with Little Light as the Head of Volunteer Department."
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Ofir Nissan - Co-Director

"I joined Little Light as a volunteer in 2013.

My initial plan was to stay for 2 months, but I fell in love with the place and ended up spending 7.

While being in Namuwongo slum, I realized the most important asset Little Light has is its volunteers.
Upon return home, I decided to take responsibility for everything that has to do with volunteer work. Along the years, I was able to establish volunteer teams that manage all aspects of the organization.
My biggest joy is seeing volunteers before and after the volunteer experience.
Working with our community in one of the poorest slums in the world, and also one of the most fascinating places on earth, teaches you a great lesson about humility, compassion and priorities. The challenges they face on a daily basis, and the varied and complex work they do, shapes them as human beings and gives them tools to achieve success in other endeavours along their paths.
Alongside my incredible partners, we manage to lead Little Light toward supporting hundreds of people in need. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the incredible people who worked, and still work, with me on this project. This motivates me to set more ambitious goals, find ways to increase our capacity and spread our love and care further.
In the picture: me and a sweet Ugandan boy named after me. People refer to us as "Big Ofir" and "Little Ofir"."

Daniel Schechter

"I volunteered at Little Light Uganda about four years ago for about two and a half months as part of my post-army trip. During my stay in Uganda I took part in many projects: English lessons for children, a project to raise awareness of AIDS in Namuwongo Slum, construction of an ornamental garden and raising funds for the resumption of the clinic's activities in the kindergarten. When I returned to Israel and processed the experience, I realized how much significant work I had done in such a short time and the urge to continue doing it only grew. I am currently in charge of the sponsorship program, and together with my team we are responsible for recruiting new sponsors for the kindergarten children and graduates, keeping in touch with existing sponsors and making sure all donations are received and get to the right places.
Pictured are me and the girl Iv'e been sponsoring for the past year"
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Guy Snir -  Business Development Team Leader

"My vision is to lead Little Light to financial independence. The current situation, where a family living in Namuwango slum, and unable to afford medical care, a hot meal, or tuition for their children simply does not make sense; Mama Pendo website was created to market authentic African products produced by the Umoja group, it should be noted that all proceeds from all sales go directly to our community in Uganda. I have initiated a significant upgrade process for the sales site and I am working to open up international markets in order to create a brighter and better future.

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Lior Gadidi - Head of a volunteer recruitment team

I have volunteered at Little Light Uganda 4 years ago. My main projects were Liter of Light (an open source design for a low-cost light tube that refracts solar light to provide daytime interior lighting), gardening, sexual education, and family planning.
After I returned to Israel, I felt a big yearning inside of me to the community, friends, and the world view that I got to know during my time there. On top of that, I knew that there is a lot to do and the possible influence of one dedicated volunteer to the organization. Then I decided, with a little help from the volunteers department manager at the time, to stay close to the organization (even if it is from a 3000 kilometers away).
For the 3 past years I am in charge of the wonderful Volunteer Recruitment Team, which helps to increase the demand to volunteer at LL around the world.
For me, the most satisfying part of the job is to see the relationships and connections between the volunteers that we send to Uganda and the local community, and the two-way learning process that both sides are enjoying.
Our daily work focuses on advertising the volunteer opportunities which LL offers, establish collaborations with other organizations and universities, and improve our visibility on social media.
Are you ready for a life changing experience?🌎🌺